Mike Francesa Told Bill Simmons Some Crazy Jimmy the Greek Stories


Bill Simmons is joining Mike Francesa for the Pope’s full 5.5-hour show today (WFAN’s livestream is here). Simmons hasn’t gotten soooo many words in edge-wise so far, as Francesa has told a lot of stories from his own personal vault.

In this segment (audio below), Francesa, whose career started in CBS Sports, had some interesting memories about Jimmy the Greek, from booking his bets at the track — apparently the Greek once hit an exacta with odds something like 24:1 and 45:1 — to the fact that the personality knew that Native American casinos would take off before the laws enabling them were even enacted to Al Davis and Pete Rozelle’s blood feud extending through the Greek and Brent Musburger.

Still, Francesa admitted that, out of respect, he was holding back on some of the crazier stories he had in his arsenal. (He apparently occasionally tells them in private, which sure would be something.)

[Photo via Bill Simmons]