Mike Francesa Throws a HAYMAKER at Rival Michael Kay During "FrancesaCon" Yesterday

By Rob Perez


For those unfamiliar with “FrancesaCon”, it is like Christmas morning for Mike Francesa (The star of the radio show Mike’s On) listeners/viewers/worshipers. Fans dress up as the on-air personality does during his radio/TV shows, and all congregate at a venue to drink, converse, and celebrate “The Sports Pope’s” yearly achievements.

The reasons & habits of the Mike Francesa cult following is a topic for another day, but, this specific post is to address the on-going war between Francesa and Rival Radio Host, Michael Kay, who replaced Francesa at YES Network with “The Michael Kay Show”.

To get you up-to-speed, Michel Kay does NOT enjoy all of the subtle, snarky, “subtweeting” remarks that Francesa has for him. For example….

When Kay officially took over Francesa’s time slot on YES, he went as far as “throwing a Diet Coke in the trash can”, which, harmless in nature, alludes to Francesa’s symbolic drink-of-choice “being thrown away” from the studios of YES Network. An end of an era, if you will…

What REALLY pisses Kay off is that Francesa “doesn’t even recognize him”. So, how does “The Sports Pope” respond? The exact way that you would expect in that Vine above … “No-one cayahs about him, okayah?”

You can watch the full video of Francesa’ grand entrance here:

Please excuse me for a moment while I go get the popcorn ready, because Monday Afternoon on “The Michael Kay Show” is officially appointment television…