Mike Francesa Threatens to Out the Guys Behind the Fake Mike Francesa Twitter Account

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa will name names.

Specifically the WFAN radio host will expose the names of the guys running the brilliant @MikeFrancesaNY parody account — and tell everyone where they work — if they tweet anything in the future Francesa doesn’t like. This served as his first warning.

The cause for the ire stems from the Daily News publishing a tweet from the account this week.

Of course this crosses through all sorts of proverbial looking glasses. It’s hard to believe anyone reading the paper would think Francesa types in the thick Long Island accent in which he talks. That said, when you see the tweets in print it could be a little misleading. Still, Francesa has repeatedly said he’s never looked at Twitter. If you think too hard about the entire situation your head will start spinning.

On Monday Francesa revealed he invited the guys behind the Twitter account on the show, but they declined. As detailed in a story last November in the Daily News, the duo running the account would prefer to remain anonymous.

Before you start complaining about another Francesa post, it would be an interesting to see how this would play out if Francesa allowed this to escalate. Has a celebrity/media personality/public person ever tried to shut down a Twitter parody account? (It would be nice if Will Ferrell spoke up to shut down some of those awful accounts that use his names.) In Twitter’s defense it does use the blue verified check mark to distinguish “real” accounts from the fake ones.

In any event, let’s hope this is an idle threat because the fake Francesa account is one of the best things about the 140 character service.

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