Mike Francesa Struggled Putting on His Super Bowl XLVIII Earmuffs, Assures You He Doesn't Watch New Girl

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa, the WFAN New York Radio host and TBL fan favorite, will no longer have his show simulcast by the YES Network after the Super Bowl in February. Figure everyone on the Internet going to miss goofy GIFs like this one from Tuesday’s show where a 59-year-old man struggled to properly grasp the Super Bowl XLVIII complimentary seat cushion.

A little later in the show Mike revealed the contents of the entire goodie bag, designed to keep ticket holders warm inside MetLife Stadium for the “Big Game.” As you can see, he didn’t fare too well trying on the earmuffs. New York’s No. 1 found time to let his audience know he wouldn’t watch the show New Girl if you paid him, ok. (Poor Zooey Deschanel.)

Francesa also reaffirmed his anti-hat stance since when you have hair as good as Mike’s, you don’t mess it up.

This is No. 1 radio folks … even if it’s (for the time being) also on television.

Here’s the full video of the segment. Enjoy!

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