Mike Francesa's Show Turned Into the Dating Game Today

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa, the recently crowned champion of our March Media Madness tournament (and overall TBL reader favorite) welcomed a couple of students from Curry College onto his popular New York radio program Thursday afternoon. First Jared came on and they talked about how he interned for Francesa’s former partner, Chris Russo at SiriusXM. It allowed Francesa to tweak Russo’s penchant for failing to pick up the tab at lunch.

Then the Sports Pope welcome in Jared’s girlfriend, Kelsey and well … let’s just say she didn’t have any idea what she was getting into. (Audio starts around the six-minute mark.) Francesa decided to dispense all sorts of his papal relationship advice. It ended with Francesa in full on tweak-mode, questioning her taste in men and suggested, “Maybe you can lose him between here and getting back to Curry College.”

Next time somebody tries to revive the Dating Game, let’s keep our fingers crossed they hire Francesa to host.

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[via @WFANAudio]