Mike Francesa Refutes Report, Says Daily News Columnist is "Wrong 90 Percent of the Time"


New York’s favorite radio sports radio host, Mike Francesa, keeps finding ways to make sports media news. A couple weeks ago he got into a heated argument with his friend Jim Nantz on a Sunday NFL-themed radio show. This week rival radio host Michael Kay unloaded on Francesa with both barrels. On Sunday the Daily News’s Bob Raissman wrote Francesa got into a “screaming match” with WFAN program director Mark Chernoff about whether the radio host would take his show to Arizona for the week ahead of the Super Bowl in February.

Sunday morning Francesa admitted that he hasn’t been getting along with management, but never had an outburst about taking his show to the Super Bowl.

Here’s part of the audio from Francesa:

"“About, I’d guess it was a month ago, Mark and I did have an argument in my office, it was a loud one. Someone might have heard something but it was not about the Super Bowl and again, remember, we have a lot of people here who hear something that tell someone that tell someone. We have a lot of people here who work at SNY. Obviously Daily New reporters work at SNY. They get a story .. they get half a story, a third of a story. They don’t check. …  That happens all the time. They’re wrong 90 percent of the time. This guy’s wrong 90 percent of the time with what he writes. He writes opinion, they can’t be wrong, it’s his opinion. But he writes facts, they’re always wrong and never checks. This is completely wrong. … They weren’t angry; I wasn’t angry.”"

Ryan recorded the whole clip and uploaded if you want to listen to typical Francesa passive-aggressive behavior where he bashes multiple critics without ever mentioning them by name.

Call this a bit of a buried lede, but Francesa declining to take his radio show out to the site of the Super Bowl is noteworthy (at least in the small, insular world of sports talk radio) since New York’s No. 1 has relayed countless times over the years how he and former partner Chris Russo “invented” Radio Row — the place where various sport talk radio shows from around the country set up shop to talk to former players hawking products in the week before the big game.

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