Mike Francesa Knows Taylor Swift's Music, Has No Idea Who the Foo Fighters Are

Ryan Glasspiegel

Mike Francesa was reading a Mets press release about a Foo Fighters concert at Citi Field, and admitted that he was more or less ignorant of the band’s existence. He did know all about Taylor Swift’s no. 1 hit “Shake it Up” [sic] — he’s got a nine-year-old daughter and they went to Swift’s concert together last year — but, even with a little prompting, no dice on the Foo Fighters. Could they sell out the Gahden? What about Giants Stadium?

When told Dave Grohl used to be in Nirvana, Francesa dropped a fantastic humblebrag: “I’ve heard of Nirvana. I actually saw the two guys from Nirvana perform last year with Paul McCartney, and I was headed for the exit. I couldn’t stand it. It was awful.”

It’s my sincere hope that Francesa is on the air until he’s 120 years old.

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