Do Not Invite Mike Francesa to Speak at a Loved One's Funeral

Horace Clarke
Horace Clarke / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Horace Clark, the former New York Yankees infielder, died on Saturday. He was 82. The New York Times obituary of Clarke called him "solid" and "dependable," but Mike Francesa, working with just 280 characters, had no time to complicate Clarke's legacy.

Do not invite Mike Francesa to speak at a loved one's funeral. It doesn't matter how many things you do in your life. If you were good enough to play a sport at a high level, your entire legacy is how well you performed at that level. To Clarke's family, he was more than a career .250 hitter. To Francesa? He was a bum who exemplified the worst thing possible - a mediocre era for a New York-based sports team.

Clark played for the New York Yankees from 1965 to 1974. Before Clark ever donned pinstripes, the Yankees had gone to five straight and 15 of the previous 18 World Series. Two years after Clarke left, the Yankees again made it to the World Series. Everyone involved is to be celebrated upon their death.