Mike Francesa Had an Epic Rant Against Andrew Marchand, Marchand Responds Here


WFAN’s Mike Francesa went off today on the New York Post‘s Andrew Marchand as Francesa believed Marchand inaccurately reported his app Mike’s On had only 300 subscribers:

When reached by phone, Andrew Marchand told The Big Lead, “I never reported he had 300 subscribers.” On the SI Media Podcast two weeks ago, Marchand said he did not report the subscription number was 300. But said previously on the show, “Mike might have trouble getting guests if he had only 300 downloads. I don’t know if Mike heard it, or the people who he listens to have listening comprehension issues, but they should play those two tapes back-to-back in the correct order to see I didn’t report that.”

Marchand has been notified Francesa wants him to put $500,000 in escrow and will do the interview afterward. When asked if he will, Marchand said “No.” However, made it clear he will interview him anywhere about the app.

Marchand explained the reason he called Francesa over the report is due to a personal policy, and with Francesa, he has responded “sometimes” in the past.

UPDATE: Marchand’s response to Francesa’s tweet: