Mike Francesa Gets a Jerry Sandusky Prank Call, Suggests Caller Go Shovel Snow

By Mike Cardillo

A snow day in New York is bringing out all sorts of wiseguys calling into Mike Francesa’s popular WFAN radio show. One caller decided to wait on hold for 45 minutes to ask if Jerry Sandusky would be a good candidate to be the next offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

Francesa reacts as only he can, pompously telling the caller to “shovel someone’s walk.”

The next caller asked New York’s No. 1 what he thought of the Liberty’s WNBA playoff chances, which got him immediately cut off. Francesa’s lack of a sense of humor never fails, as the reaction to the callers is funnier than the pranks themselves.

Point of contention: the regular old crazy sports talk radio callers are usually funnier than the prank calls. That’s just one man’s opinion.

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