Mike Francesa Does Not Enjoy Eclipse, Science In General

Sports radio legend talks us through it.
Jim Spellman/GettyImages

It was tough to fully enjoy yesterday's solar eclipse knowing that Mike Francesca wasn't particularly a big fan of the moon passing in between the Earth and sun and yet somehow society carried on. In a high-energy clip from his latest podcast, Francesa explained basically enough already with the eclipse.

What did the eclipse mean to him? Well, how much time do you have?

First he turned on the network news and everything was about the celestial event. Then, get this, he was driving down the highway and he saw a board that said the eclipse was happening Monday so people should take mass transit. This really got the gears turning as he wondered why people would need to take mass transit given the eclipse "takes somewhere between three and four minutes maximum."

Why couldn't everyone driving around New York City simply pull off to the side and close their eyes while it was going on? Wouldn't that be a reasonable and acceptable solution?

He doesn't get it because he's not a scientist. He doesn't like science. Or movies about science. He likes, you know, movies.

Is any of this making sense? If not everything is explained, to the extent it can be, in the clip.

Remarkable stuff.