Mike Francesa Claims He Only Drinks Two Diet Cokes During His Five-Hour Show


Neil Best spent some time at le chateau de Francesa recently, and got good video footage and interesting profile fodder from the man that a certain sect of us have spent an inordinate amount of time with in our lives as big sports fans. If you’re like-minded, you should head over there for insight into Francesa’s JFK obsession (“I know more about John F. Kennedy than I do about the New York Yankees”), the former police officer who serves as his bodyguard/confidant, and how much work he puts into the job.

But let’s talk about his seemingly outrageous claims of Diet Coke consumption:

"Between noon and 1, Francesa ate lunch in his office, opened the first of what he insisted would be only two 20-ounce Diet Cokes for the day and made a call seeking information about Darrelle Revis’ deal with the Patriots."

As a fellow junkie, I have so many questions: Is two per day a strict limit that he enforces on himself, or does he really only need the two bottles during his show to get by? Did he used to drink more, and cut back? If each one really lasts 2.5 hours, don’t they get grossly warm and flat by the time they’re finished? Does he ever drink coffee? Someone needs to conduct a thorough investigation.

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