Mike Francesa Caller Provides Dumbest Pete Carroll Play Call Theory Possible

By Mike Cardillo

The day after the Super Bowl always yields some interesting takes across the sports universe. In particular, Pete Carroll’s goal line call in the Seahawks loss to the Patriots Sunday night has prompted all sorts of insane conspiracy theories. Leave it to a Mike Francesa caller to take these theories to their natural conclusion, speculating that perhaps Belichick “crashed the frequency” in Carroll’s headset to sabotage the play.

Yep. Take a minute to collect your brain off the floor.

And how might Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks fall for this deception? Easy. Belichick “photoshopped” Carroll’s voice.

Belichick might be a lot of things, but if the Patriots coach actually anticipated the Super Bowl would be decided via an interception at the one-yard line with 20 seconds left and had a fake recording of Carroll ready to go, well, he’s even more evil than we all thought. (And if Belichick possesses those sort of nefarious powers why is he limiting himself to Lombardi Trophies? Surely he could find a way to break into Fort Knox, right?)

Here’s guessing Francesa has never watched Billy Madison, so I’ll fill in the only possible response to that call:

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[H/T SportsGrid]