Mike Francesa and Daily News Writer Argue in Circles About A-Rod, the Result is Radio Gold

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa is an ardent A-Rod supporter. The New York Daily News has spent the last five months breaking stories — mostly unflattering — about the Yankees third baseman and his connection to Biogenesis.

It came to a head Friday when the News called out Francesa for being wrong about the case. The host responded and had Daily News I-Team writer Michael O’Keeffe in studio as a guest on his No. 1 WFAN show to talk about the case.

What followed was close to 40 minutes of two grown men shouting over it each other, injecting “WAITASECOND” or “Let me finish” every few seconds. We, as the audience, literally learned nothing.

In other words, a first ballot Francesa Hall of Fame clip — even if you happen to be a hard marker.

The highlight came later on, with Francesa noting, “I’ve won plenty of awards, too” and O’Keeffe firing back, “You get a cookie.” The reporter also asked if Mike had ever received a “bro hug” from A-Rod, which was denied. CBS New York has a partial transcription.

The full interview can be heard below.

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