Mike Florio Has No Problem with J.J. Watt "Being a Kardashian"


Mike Florio joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his social media dustup with J.J. Watt over a smedium U.S. soccer jersey.

“There’s more than just what J.J. Watt did last night,” he said. “He has a habit of doing things to attract attention to himself and then getting frustrated when the things he does to clearly attract attention to himself … attract attention to himself.”

“I have no problem with someone being a Kardashian but he wants to, in the same breath, say ‘why are you looking at me? Here I am wearing a shirt that is 10-sizes too small with autographs all over it, why is anyone reacting to this even though I have sent this picture out to 2 million people who follow me on Twitter and that’s been retweeted and discussed, please don’t talk about me.'”

“That’s a disconnect that I can’t reconcile and he has talked about it in the past and he doesn’t get it. He’s closer to 20 than 50 and I think he doesn’t have the benefit of perspective. He doesn’t understand that you can’t seek attention and act like you don’t want attention and expect everyone to say that’s perfectly fine.”

Backlash to Watt’s popularity is a topic I’ve found fascinating since it began to crop up. Florio’s viewpoint is shared by many who believe Watt simply tries too damn hard. We live in a cynical world so that’s to be expected.

No matter your stance on Watt, Florio using a rather benign post about U.S. Soccer as the straw to break the camel’s back is surprising. There are copious examples of social media posts that scream “LOOK AT ME” in all-caps louder than last night’s.

It appears we have entered into the circular phase of this story. First came the critique. Then the critique of the critique. Then the critique of the critique of the critique. Then commentary of the critique of the critique of the critique.

And now, finally, I’m proud to have done my part with commentary on the commentary of the critique of the critique of the critique.