Mike Florio and Adam Schefter Had a Twitter Scrap About a Very Niche Distinction

Mike Florio sits at a computer where he might read an Adam Schefter tweet.
Mike Florio sits at a computer where he might read an Adam Schefter tweet. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

If you like media feuds, you're going to love this little dust-up between ESPN's Adam Schefter and NBC's Mike Florio. It all started when ESPN's Dan Graziano wrote a story about NFL CBA negotiations which was aggregated on NBC's Pro Football Talk and mistakenly said was written by Schefter. After PFT pointed out the story mentioned a "rough deadline," everyone lost their damn minds.

First, NFLPA spokesperson George Attalah and Steelers' player representative Ramon Foster disputing the deadline. Then Schefter complained, saying that not only did he not write the story, but no one at ESPN had said there was a deadline. At some point around here, ESPN quietly edited the story to remove any reference to a deadline.

Florio immediately admitted the mistake about wrongly crediting Schefter, but disputed Schefter's claim that there was nothing about a deadline and provided receipts backing up his claim.

In the end, Florio got so annoyed with everyone's complaints, he wrote a full post explaining all of that. It ends with this:

"So here’s the bottom line: ESPN.com initially said there’s a “rough deadline” of March 18, and ESPN.com at some point thereafter changed the key language of Graziano’s story without comment, apology, or any type of transparency. And I wouldn’t care about that very much if Schefter hadn’t decided to claim inaccurately to more than 7.7 million Twitter followers that ESPN never reported something that it definitely reported."

So what did we learn? Not all NFL reporters appear to get along. And both sides of NFL CBA negotiations would probably like a deal in place by the time the league's new year begins on March 18th, but there is or isn't a deadline.