Mike Evans Suffered a Knee Injury in a Meaningless Week 17 Game For the Bucs

Mike Evans hurt.
Mike Evans hurt. /

Mike Evans hurt his left knee during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 17 game against the Atlanta Falcons. Evans had three catches for 46 yards in the first quarter and then his knee buckled in the end zone. He needed help getting off the field.

Evans, Tom Brady and other starters were playing a game that did not mean much for the Bucs because it was important that Evans got 1,000 receiving yards on the season according to offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. Everyone was very impressed with Evans' accomplishment, but probably a little less excited when he looked to suffer a bad injury a few minutes later.

Brady also appeared to hurt his hand on the same play.

If either guy is limited next week, this will be a cautionary tale for a long time.

UPDATE: Brady missed no time and threw a touchdown pass. Meanwhile, Evans got on a cart and is now wearing a brace.

Update 2: Bruce Arians is optimistic.