Middle School Kid Makes Insane Backwards Half-Court Buzzer-Beater


One of the best buzzer-beaters you will ever see took place in a middle school game in the Cincinnati area over the weekend. A kid took an inbounds pass at midcourt with around two seconds left on the clock and his team trailing by two points. Trapped with time winding down and facing the wrong direction he simply threw the ball backwards over his head and it went in.

There's a lot to love about this video, from the shot selection to the reaction of the fans, but my personal favorite part is that he watched the ball the entire way with his head tipped back all the way. It has to be the first time someone held a two-armed follow-through in a potential double-fist pump position with their head upside down.

The audacity. It's like he'd practiced the shot a million times and it felt good coming out of his hands. Whether you were there as a parent of someone on the winning team or the losing team, you saw something we will probably never see again.