Michigan Fans Flooded the Streets of Ann Arbor to Sing 'Mr. Brightside'


The Michigan Wolverines beat the Washington Huskies in the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday, 34-13. The game was much closer than the final score, despite the fact that Michigan came very close to turning it into another title game blowout early. However tight the game was, Michigan were the victors and to them go the spoils. Which in 2024 means... everyone get outside to sing "Mr. Brightside"!

Absolute scenes in Ann Arbor as the young people celebrated the first championship since before they were born. Which is fitting since most of the people in this video also weren't born when "Hot Fuss" was released in 2004. To go a step further, none of them were old enough to enjoy the video for "Mr. Brightside" when it was first officially posted on YouTube in 2009.

The point? We're all very old. The Killers are old. The only thing new is that Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are back on top of the college football world. You just have to wonder what hit song will be sung in the streets when Michigan wins their next championship.