CFP Chair Gary Barta Made an Excellent Argument For Not Watching College Football

Maryland v Michigan State
Maryland v Michigan State / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The College Football Playoff is the latest attempt to "get it right" and ensure that the best and most deserving college football teams get a chance to compete for the national championship at the end of the season. If the season ended today, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State would be involved. Obviously, this doesn't sit right with fans of the 10-0 Cincinnati Bearcats, the only undefeated Power 5 team remaining.

The good news is that the season does not end today so there is still time for 5th-ranked Cincinnati to get in. And there is also time for 6th-ranked Michigan to get in and that is where the real head-scratching is taking place. The Wolverines are currently ranked ahead of the Michigan State Spartans, who they just lost to on October 30th. You might think that makes no sense, but College Football Playoff chair Gary Barta explained why it does last night.

In just about every statistical category Michigan is better. Really, the only two categories where MSU is better is in head-to-head scoring and head-to-head record. It's hard to argue. It's basically set up for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to beat Ohio State and then make the playoff while the only team that beat them watches from home. Although, there's no real point in watching the games.

Perhaps fans should follow Barta's advice. Set aside watching the games. Watch something else instead. Whatever the on-field results are, the CFP committee will look at the numbers and let you know which team was actually better.

Why watch and allow your eyes to deceive you? Sure, Michigan State scored more points and got credit for a victory, but anyone who didn't watch it can just be told that they did, but it doesn't matter. It's the perfect system.