Michelle Tafoya Tricked Al Michaels Into Eating the Only Vegetable of His Life

Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Al Michaels is 77-years-old and still brings his A-game to NBC's Sunday Night Football each and every week. Amazon has interest in bringing him over as the voice of Thursday Night Football, suggesting there are many years of memorable calls ahead for the broadcaster. His love of red meat and disdain for vegetables has been well-known for years among those who follow sports media. A cursory search reveals he told the Dan Patrick Show six years ago that carrots, peas, asparagus and others of such ilk were unwelcome in his stomach.

Drew Magary took a deep dive into the unusual diet in a Defector profile last year. In summation: there are some deep-seeded factors at play which have caused Michaels to design his own food pyramid.

Every now and again the oddity gets new life and Friday was one of those days with Michaels joining the Pat McAfee Show to recall the time Michelle Tafoya tried to trick him into eating Brussels sprouts. Deep-fried Brussels sprouts, but still something technically green.

Michaels said he took two bites before spitting it out. The whole thing sounds like classic on-the-road hijinks. When these crews say they have fun together, this what they mean. One wonders how many others have considered doing the ol' Brussels sprouts bit on the legendary play-by-play guy. High-risk, high-reward. Perhaps the next time everyone is four or five vodkas in.