Michelle Beadle's First Segment Back at ESPN Chronicles Michael Jordan Punching Steve Kerr [UPDATE]

Ryan Glasspiegel

Michelle Beadle returns to ESPN’s SportsNation today after about two years at NBC, and she is debuting her new segment on the most misunderstood sports stories. The first one pertains to that time in 1995 where Michael Jordan socked his Bulls teammate Steve Kerr in the face.

The animation is a cool touch, and this series has a lot of potential to be really interesting depending on what stories they seek to uncover, but it’s unclear what was so misunderstood about this one. Jordan’s audio ran almost verbatim on ESPN Classic several years ago, and there really wasn’t anything groundbreaking about it other than his acknowledgement that he did it and was sorry.

We humbly request Toni Braxton breaking up the Dallas Mavericks and Kobe vs. Shaq in practice.

Update: Beadle, who is joining Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wallace Wiley in hosting the show, returned with this introductory video featuring cameos from Colin Cowherd, Bob Ley, and Linda Cohn:

Michelle Beadle Returns from ESPN Dev on Vimeo.

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