Michelle Beadle Says LeBron James Tried to Get Her Fired From ESPN

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Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game / Noel Vasquez/GettyImages

Michelle Beadle had two stints at ESPN starting in 2009, with the most recent ending in 2019. She's had a long break since then, but recently returned with a new podcast at The Athletic. In her latest episode she welcomed her former co-worker Paul Pierce, who also left ESPN recently. At one point, the conversation turned to LeBron James with Beadle revealing that LeBron tried to have her fired at one point.

It's unclear what Beadle said about The Decision during her original SportsNation run that upset James so much, but hopefully her new podcast affords her the opportunity to expand on that. Whatever James tried to do, Beadle did not back down from criticizing him after she returned to ESPN. She also ate a book after the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead so her feelings about LeBron have probably only gotten more complicated over the last decade.