Michelle Beadle Chides Colin Cowherd for Hating on WWE, Says Bill Simmons Could Be a Great Heel

Ryan Glasspiegel

Michelle Beadle was a guest on Jim Ross’s most recent podcast, and the whole thing is really worth a listen. Beadle is an avowed WWE fan, and she worked for several years alongside Colin Cowherd at ESPN, who’s assuredly not. Cowherd incited the wrestling masses shortly after the Ultimate Warrior died, and Ross asked Beadle how she was able to tolerate that type of rhetoric from her former broadcast partner:

Later in the podcast, they discussed Bill Simmons. JR thought Simmons could’ve been a great heel manager in a different life while Beadle agreed that he could’ve been a “nerdier Paul Heyman type.” They also talked about Beadle’s run-in with WWE diva and CM Punk’s now-fiancée AJ Lee. At the time, our site wondered if it was real or fake. As Beadle tells it — and one could never entirely rule out the feud being an elaborate running subplot in pro wrestling’s surreality — it was very real, and caused the end of her friendship with CM Punk. Go on and listen.

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