Michele Tafoya to Los Angeles Angels Broadcast: Enough With Shohei Ohtani

Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

There are a fair amount of smart baseball people who believe we shouldn't compare Shohei Ohtani to Babe Ruth because it's unfair ... to Ohtani. The dual-threat superstar hit the 100th home run of his Major League Baseball career last night against Oakland as the Los Angeles Angels continue to play excellent ball atop the American League West. Naturally, the Bally Sports West broadcast cataloged the event and spent some time talking about what a transcendent player Ohtani is, because there won't ever be another like him.

This displeased Michele Tafoya, who stepped away from NBC and Sunday Night Football to say these types of things. She implored the telecast to talk about something else.

Now, there are so many reasons a person could bristle at repeated mentions of Ohtani so it's not really fair to assume anything. It does seem odd, though, that the home broadcast of a future Hall of Famer would dial it back when they achieve a milestone. That's the type of accomplishment that usually gets blown out and driven into the ground.

But we are solutions-oriented here at The Big Lead. We want to give Mark Gubicza, Matt Vasgersian and Patrick O'Neal ample opportunity to fulfill this bizarre request. Because at least 1/3 of the booth seems fond of Tafoya's work.

So here are 50 Angels players the group can go to instead of Ohtani, to satiate those in the viewing audience who are, for some reason, sick of hearing about their most astounding player. Hope this solves it. Mix in one of these random names whenever there's a window and see where it takes things.

50. Greg Cadaret

49. Gary Disarcina

48. Mark Petkovsek

47. Chad Curtis

46. Kelvim Escobar

45. Esteban Yan

44. Darren Oliver

43. Huston Street

42. Wally Joyner

41. Chili Davis

40. Troy Percival

39. Gary Pettis

38. Joe Magrane

37. David Eckstein

36. Aaron Sele

35. Mark Langston

34. Vernon Wells

33. Jorge Fabregas

32. Peter Bourjous

31. Kevin Jepsen

30. Dick Schofield

29. Casey Kotchman

28. Steve Frey

27. Jeff Weaver

26. Jefry Marte

25. Fernando Salas

24. Mark Eichorn

23. Luis Polonia

22. Kurt Stillwell

21. Alfredo Amézaga

20. J.T. Snow

19. Mike Bielecki

18. Luis Sojo

17. Junior Felix

16. Mike Fetters

15. Chuck Finley

14. Dave Hollins

13. Chad Kreuter

12. Craig Grebeck

11. Shawn Boskie

10. Rene Gonzales

9. Russ Springer

8. Macier Izturis

7. Spike Owen

6. Troy Glaus

5. Tim Salmon

4. Garrett Anderson

3. Chone Figgins

2. Scott Spiezio

1. Scot Shields