Hockey Writer Michael Traikos Has Twitter's Dumbest Take of the Day

Michael Traikos
Michael Traikos /

None of us should ever want to find ourselves as the main character on Twitter for a day. It's the worst place on Earth to be ... other than West Lafayette, Indiana. On Thursday, hockey writer Michael Traikos had a take so dumb he faced the wrath of virtually all of Twitter.

Traikos, apparently, doesn't understand why an adult would ever wear a bike helmet.

I don't know, Michael, maybe because they want to keep their brains intact? Just a thought.

Traikos faced swift condemnation in the replies to his asinine take but just kept digging himself a deeper hole. Here are some examples of dumb responses he had.

Right, because there's zero chance of taking a puck to the side of the head, or being run into and hitting your head on the ice. You're in control of all the actions of everyone else playing.

OK, but do all cars avoid you? Have you ever been on the road? Like 60 percent of people who drive cars are terrible at it.

Yeah, I mean why are all these people intentionally falling while riding bikes? Don't they know they could hurt themselves? It's so dumb.

Of course he's not a seatbelt guy. My word this all tracks. And man, it's a good thing that when he's traveling 40 km/h everyone else is. And also that everyone else on the road is completely safe.

And then Traikos topped it off with this one:

He's either trolling, is one of the dumbest people on the planet, or this is the tragic result of not wearing a helmet over the years. Either way, congratulations Michael Traikos, you've come up with the dumbest take on Twitter today!