Michael Thomas Has Major Beef With Saints Reporter Jeff Duncan

Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan published a piece earlier this morning titled The Saints will soon release Michael Thomas. It shouldn't have ended this way. The New Orleans Saints wide receiver was one of the best in the game before being bitten by the injury bug season after season. He's played in 20 games since 2020 and has one year remaining on his contract. At 31, there's a good chance he has something left in the tank if he's able to stay healthy.

Anyway, Thomas didn't particularly care for Duncan's angle and has decided to make that dissatisfaction crystal clear to anyone with an internet connection.

Seems just a bit extreme and mean. If the roles were reversed and a sportswriter tweeted this about a player you could see, at minimum, a tense meeting with editor in which they were told to knock that off. Hell, they might get fired immediately. Most of the conversation would probably center on what "salt things" a person might take.

We may never get some resolution here, even if the Saints do eventually let Thomas go on with the next step of his career because of some semantic disagreements about the contract. Which usually don't escalate to this level but hey here we are.