Dude in Michael Smith's Amazon Live Shot Shows Off Explosive Speed


Mike Tomlin gets plenty of credit but as more time passes it becomes increasingly clear that he does not get adequate credit for consistently dragging teams into the muck and mire while escaping with a butt-ugly victory about six times a year. It's as if he spent a past life grinding through the Big Ten West. He really might be the best of playing to a score — usually several points below the over-under that's been set — and not worrying about aesthetics. The Pittsburgh Steelers followed this familiar gameplan last night while hosting the Tennessee Titans and emerged with a 20-16 victory.

Afterward there was much to talk about: from Will Levis looking very much like a competent NFL quarterback to Jaylen Warren's breakout game from the backfield. Michael Smith was part of all that discussion on Amazon. And so was someone else who certainly didn't plan to be.

Quick scouting report on our background player-turned-main character. A lot of mock drafters are going to suggest his awareness could use work but we're going to zag. Realizing within a few seconds that you're in a live shot, while doing heavy paperwork, is actually quite impressive. He got off the line very quickly and moved with purpose once he saw the play developing and that he was in the wrong position. Most importantly, he didn't compound any mistake by falling or doing anything else meme-worthy.