Michael Sam Needs to Close His Mouth, Be Careful Patting Teammates on the Butt, Says Former Dallas Cowboy


"He has to be careful. He has to come in, close his mouth. If he pats somebody on the butt — I hope ESPN don’t get mad and never have me back — but if he pats somebody on the butt, how is that to be received? If he does that how is that to be received? If he said, ‘Come on baby’? I called guys baby all the time on the football field, but when you have taken a stand and went and go public and say that, ‘I am gay,’ how is that going to be received? People who’ve never been in an NFL shower room, not just locker room, it’s a open room. We don’t have private curtains. It’s just an open-form shower, so everybody sees each in the nude. Well if you’re looking at men as if you’re looking at women or vice versa, how are those guys to receive that? I don’t know. I don’t know how they will receive that."

Greg Ellis probably played football at the youth level, in high school, at North Carolina, and for over a decade in the NFL with the Cowboys and Raiders. Does he really think he’s never played with a gay teammate?

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