Michael Rapaport is Suing Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports

Bobby Burack

According to The Blast, Michael Rapaport is suing Barstool Sports, president Dave Portnoy, KFC, and Smitty for breach of contract and defamation.

"“In the documents, obtained by The Blast, Rapaport claims he’s still owed $375,000 that stems from a deal he made with the sports entertainment website for $600,000. Shortly after his termination, Rapaport sent Barstool a cease and desist for continuing to sell merchandise with his face on it.  He claims he’s still owed a percentage of all the merchandise sold with his image.”"

Rapaport was fired from Barstool back in February after a public back-and-forth with several members of the staff.

The company’s CEO Erika Nardini responded to the lawsuit on Twitter.