Michael Porter Jr. Complained About Not Getting Enough Touches

Michael Porter Jr., Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets - Game Seven
Michael Porter Jr., Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets - Game Seven / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Michael Porter Jr. is not happy with the Denver Nuggets' offense right now. After the Los Angeles Clippers put the Nuggets in a 3-1 hole in their Western Conference semifinal series Wednesday night, Porter voiced his displeasure in the post-game press conference. The rookie complained about not getting more touches.

Porter had 15 points in the first half of Denver's 96-85 loss to the Clippers Wednesday night, but he only took two shots in the second half despite playing 17 minutes. When asked what happened he said, "I just didn't touch the ball. They didn't do anything different."

He continued:

So he has a problem with the Nuggets mostly giving the ball to Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic. Murray has been one of the best players in the NBA's Orlando bubble and Jokic was First-Team All-NBA in 2019. They would be stupid not to feed those two.

I get that Porter thinks he should be getting the ball more, especially against a great defensive team like the Clippers. But this is a concern that should be shared internally, not thrown out in a press conference after a loss. He comes across like a guy whining about not getting his more than he does a player wanting the best for his team.

Porter has to know his place. He's 22. He's not yet at the point where he can demand other players give up touches for him. Murray and Jokic are established stars who don't have to defer to anyone on the team.