Michael Kay Defends Mike Francesa, Peak New York City Radio Achieved


Pete Rose was a guest of both Michael Kay and Mike Francesa this afternoon. The self-appointed Hit King could be seen on both shows at the same time, and the splitscreen was captured by noted Francesa needler @BackAftaThis.

Newsday’s Neil Best noticed as well and pointed out the obvious, that one interview was live and the other was taped.

Kay hopped into the fray with zinger making light of Best’s sleuthing skills.

Then things got interesting, or what passes for interesting if your brain has been smoothed to be so New York- and radio war-centric that you forget the outside world. Which, you know, happens to the best of us.

Kay standing up for his longtime rival is not something one sees every day. Strange times indeed.

His chiding of @BackAftaThis had an interesting — if predictable — result, as the account dipped into the archives to find this gem.

There’s plenty of room in the ecosystem for all the content creators out there. It remains to be see if this moment of Peak NYC Media will be the butterfly effect for a long-term devotion to needling Kay.

And who is anyone to predict? This strange happening should show the pure folly in trying to forecast the future.