This Sure Seems to Be Audio of Michael Jordan Trying to Keep Isiah Thomas Off the Dream Team

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

You're not going to believe it, but Michael Jordan has been telling some conflicting tales in regards to the Dream Team's roster construction over the past 28 years. It has been long believed that Jordan pulled strings to keep Isiah Thomas off the team due to the duo's deep mutual disdain. It was also believed that Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum had audio to prove it. McCallum confirmed he was in possession of such a clip during a recent podcast with The Ringer's Bryan Curtis.

And yet, when ESPN's The Last Dance approached the topic, Jordan and everyone else involved -- including Rod Thorn, chairman of the selection committee for that year's Olympics -- was quick to deny any such thing happened. Yet, lo and behold, that simply cannot be true based on the newly-released audio.

Hmm. Very curious. It doesn't seem like both statements can be true. Then again, I lack Christopher Nolan's imagination when it comes to space-time realities.

This audio is entirely unsurprising. Of course Jordan wanted to paint himself in the most favorable light. Of course the documentary he had editorial control over presented it as such. And of course Thomas is still pissed off after all these years. It was probably a bit difficult to see the ease at which MJ's misleading narrative denial was swallowed in recent weeks.

Here's hoping that this issue can be put to bed with what seems to be clear, court-admissible evidence. If there's a silver lining it's that both of these uber-rich guys were able to recover from the messiness and do just fine after 1992.