Michael Irvin on Peyton Manning in Big Games: "They call it Axiomatic - Self Evident."

By Jason McIntyre

Michael Irvin, the philosopher who used to dabble as an NFL wide receiver, had some thoughts on Peyton Manning in big games. And as a cold weather quarterback. And against Tom Brady.

“They call is Axiomatic – self elvident,” Irvin laughed last night on the NFL Network. [Self evident isn’t spelled wrong – listen closely to Irvin.] “You saw what Peyton what looked like in the cold weather. That’s why he handed that ball off that many times.”

Well, yeah, when you’re averaging 5.7 yards per carry, you continue to run the ball. Denver rushed for 280 yards. It also had four turnovers, one by Peyton, and three fumbles by teammates.

According to ESPN, Peyton Manning is now 2-6 in games when the temperature is 32 degrees or lower at kickoff. He’s got eight TDs and 11 INTs in those games. Given the AFC playoff picture, it appears the Broncos will go on the road for one game in January, and that game will be outdoors (in addition to hosting a game in Denver). It could be three if they collapse and lose the division to KC, but that’s unlikely. Oh, and the Super Bowl is outdoors.

Yup, I’ve bookmarked this “Peyton is 9-11 in the postseason with eight 1-and-dones” post. As well as Lisk’s rejoinder about his lack of defensive help in the postseason.

For the record, I put no stock in what any of these TV talking heads say – especially the former athletes. I just found Irvin’s delivery hilarious.

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