Michael Irvin: Deion Sanders Won't Leave Colorado For the NFL Because He's 'About These Kids'

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Prime Show is the biggest in sports right now as nobody can stop talking about Deion Sanders' Colorado squad. The Buffaloes are 3-0 and face a big challenge this weekend as they take on Oregon without Travis Hunter. While there's plenty of attention being paid to the present there is even more being paid to Sanders' coaching future.

The idea that Sanders is using Colorado as a stepping stone has been taken as gospel around the sports media ecosystem and everyone wants to be the first to guess where he'll end up next. Could a Power 5 coaching job be on the table? How about the Dallas Cowboys?

All the above possibilities were analyzed on Undisputed today. When it was Michael Irvin's turn to speak, he took the road less traveled and said he doesn't see Sanders leaving Colorado for the NFL because he's "about these kids."

It is a bit funny that Irvin, the loudest of the take-makers, went with the quietest opinion. The idea that Sanders might stick around and build Colorado into something big over the next five years has not been given any oxygen by the pundits because it is by far the least interesting of the different paths Sanders could take. It also appears to be the most unrealistic.

Sanders is undoubtedly invested in the success of the players on his team but we don't need to pretend it's his priority. Deion Sanders is about Deion Sanders, first and foremost. It's who he is. It's why he basically told everybody who was on Colorado last year to transfer. He cares more about building up the Prime Show than building up the program itself. That's simply who he is. The man was on 60 Minutes last weekend, for crying out loud.

And for that reason Sanders will not be at Colorado for long. How long is entirely dependent on what opportunities come up. To pretend otherwise is a sham.