Michael Irvin Thinks Dak Prescott is the Closest Thing to Tom Brady

Handout/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith made the wise choice to have Michael Irvin as a guest on his ESPN+ show, knowing full well that the NFL analyst would do or say something worthy of great praise or derision. True to form, Irving delivered immediately and at great volume. The former playmaker came out of the gates hot on Dak Prescott and how the Dallas Cowboys now have the closest thing in the NFL to Tom Brady.

Prescott wisely knowing the market, being patient, and ultimately securing the bag is a turn of events that a wide swath of people can appreciate. Especially after a devastating injury threw some of that into doubt. On a human level, it's great to see him be rewarded and for the organization to put their money where its mouth is in believing he is the short- and long-term future.

Irving, though, should obviously pump the brakes. Prescott has won a single playoff game in his career. Brady has won 34, including seven Super Bowls. There's a bit of a disconnect there. And it's not as though he has his whole career in front of him. By Opening Night, Prescott will be 28-years-old.

One would be hard-pressed to find a non-Cowboys devotee who would put Prescott among the top five quarterbacks in the league, and finding someone who puts him No. 1 or No. 2 is a good sign you're five deep at a bar. Prescott isn't even the first or second name who comes up when thinking about younger guys who could become Tom Brady.

It's possibly Irvin got a bit too excited. Then again, that was probably the point.