Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why


The team and school won’t talk about his suspension, and this is what the Columbia Tribune had to say about it over the weekend:

"What exactly Dixon is accused of doing and when — or if — he will be allowed to play again have never been specified by MU Coach Frank Haith. Sources have told the Tribune that the university’s Student Conduct Committee met weeks ago on a matter involving Dixon. Per university policy, if the committee votes to suspend or expel a student, the student can appeal to the chancellor."

The rumors of Dixon’s suspension have been floating on message boards for weeks, and they appear to have exploded on twitter early Friday morning. Kim English, a former star for the Tigers, tweeted about the situation, and then got a couple responses from someone who claims to know why Dixon was suspended:

Screen grabs from both parties are all over Missouri message boards (as well as other tweets written by the woman that we have elected not to post), but reporters are clearly aware of the situation and expect more details to come out this week. [Star]