Here's Why Micah Parsons Threw Up on Cowboys Sideline

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys hammered the Carolina Panthers 33-10 on Sunday and the defense was dominant despite linebacker Micah Parsons throwing up on the sidelines early in the game. We now know what made the All-Pro sick.

Apparently Parson took some C4 energy powder before the game. A popular pre-workout supplement, apparently he thought it would give him extra energy. It maybe worked a little too well. Parsons explained that he got some water to help it go down and by the fifth play of the game it felt like his heart was going to "jump outta my chest." He vowed to never use it again.

While he may have been uncomfortable, Parsons certainly performed. He totaled 2.5 sacks and three quarterback hits in Dallas' demolition of the Panthers. So, hey, maybe it did work. Or maybe Carolina is just terrible. Who can say?

The thought of Parsons, one of the NFL's most-feared defenders, being even more energetic is terrifying. So maybe him laying off the C4 is a good thing for future opponents.