Micah Parsons Not Ashamed of Rocking Lion Outfit in Public

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parson has developed into one of the NFL's best defenders and has gotten a pretty sweet nickname to go along with his stardom. No one knows who started calling Parsons "lion" but it has stuck. He's even worked it into a celebration. On Sunday he wore a lion costume to the Cowboys' showdown with the Los Angeles Rams and declared he'd be fine wearing it in public.

Here's Parson's lion celebration:

And here's the costume he wore on Sunday:

And another look:

As a Penn State product, Parsons was already a Nittany Lion, so maybe this is the next step in his evolution.

But yeah, I mean who is going to go up to Parsons and make fun of him for wearing a lion outfit? Only an idiot looking to get lit up would do such a thing. I also think it would be great if this wasn't a Halloween costume and he just walks around like this every week. He should fully embrace it.