Joe Biden's Return of Brittney Griner Not Enough to Earn Micah Parsons' Vote

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

WNBA star Brittney Griner was released from Russian detention overnight as the Joe Biden White House brokered a deal with Vladimir Putin's regime. This is tremendously good news for her family and those who care about her because the conditions she was suffering in a work camp after a dubious arrest were awful. In exchange, arms dealer Viktor Bout was freed.

Reasonable people can agree that this was a high price to pay and question what type of Pandora's Box this opens up if U.S. nationals can be effectively used as bargaining chips from a known bad actor. They can also lament that Paul Whelan, in a similar situation since 2018, was not a part of the exchange. Watching the immediate coverage delve into something that resembles a panel breaking down an NBA Draft night trade has been a bit jarring but perhaps unsurprising, as a cadre of geopolitical experts have emerged from the woodwork to opine.

Among them is Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons, who helpfully informed the president that Griner's return is nice but he still will not be voting for him.

And that's fine. People should vote for whomever they want. There are far better ways to spend one's time than standing up for Biden. As long as Parsons has courage in his convictions and is willing to stand by his decision to turn a positive into a negative.

What's that? He deleted the tweet and offered a clarification? You don't say.

So there you have it. The entire context of how the Griner news impacts someone on the Dallas Cowboys. Think of if you didn't have this. The story would be incomplete.