Miami Heat Call Anyone Who Accurately Identified Jimmy Butler as a Poor Shooter a Clown

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler / Pool/Getty Images

The Miami Heat were playing the Indiana Pacers this afternoon in Game 2 of their playoff series. Jimmy Butler was really feeling it. He hit two 3-point attempts, which puts him at a 100-percent make rate for the playoffs because he didn't attempt one in Game 1.

The Heat's official Twitter account must've gotten quite a rush of dopamine from seeing those 3-pointers fall, because soon after, it tweeted the message below in the popular meme format used to suggest the people saying the thing in question are stupid. It added a clown emoji afterwards.

Butler hit two threes. Two. And suddenly everyone who said Butler couldn't shoot is a clown, huh? Let's check the stats!

Butler has never been a particularly good jump shooter, especially from deep. His best season from beyond the arc came in 2014-15, when he hit 37 percent of his attempts from three three. This season, however, he's been putrid even by the low bar his career has set to this point. He shot 22 percent from three this year on two attempts per game. There were, at least, 145 players in the NBA this season who shot better from deep than Butler. I say at least because Basketball Reference doesn't even have Butler listed on its three-point percentage leaderboard. And it's not like he shot poorly because he was jacking them up. He only tried two a game! That means, on average, Butler hit one 3-pointer every two and a half games. He's not exactly Steph Curry out there.

Butler isn't a good 3-point shooter. That's fine. He's still a great defender and a good mid-range scorer. I'm not trying to go after Miami's social media managers, but I hope they bring that same energy when Butler misses his next four 3-point attempts, as the percentages suggest will happen.