Miami Heat Ring Ceremony to Feature 3-D Projection Screen, Glow Sticks

By Tim Ryan
Oct 29, 2013, 11:51 AM EDT

The Heat open their season tonight in Miami against the Chicago Bulls. Prior to the game, the back-to-back champs will be presented with their championship rings. Among the typical ring ceremony type stuff — raising the banner and showing key highlights from the championship run — there are a obviously a few “very Miami” aspects to the festive event. From

The ceremony will feature a visually spectacular video display which transforms the surface of the Heat court into a 3-D projection screen.
Like a giant video game coming to life right before your eyes. Advancements in technology are no excuse to celebrate like you’re at Disney World. Be sure to bring your Uggs, sunglasses and shitty facial hair.

The premiere of the 2013-14 Player Introduction Sequence will once again be set to the inspirational “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes and stars Heat players training in a harsh setting under severe conditions that only they can withstand.
“Stars Heat players training in a harsh setting under severe conditions that only they can withstand.” Obviously. We’ve already seen glimpses of this and it proved to be a comedic breakthrough for LeBron. The final cut is likely set to something unexpected, like a Drake song.

Samsung Galaxy, the Heat Opening Night Ring Ceremony presenting partner, will provide each fan with a unique lanyard and glow stick designed to allow fans to participate in the Ring Ceremony.
Glow sticks! You have to hand it to Miami. This city wholeheartedly embraces the douchebag moniker with the passion of Dikembe Mutombo clutching the world. I’m assuming each unique lanyard will have “World Champs” written in sparkly puffy paint.

The festivities will also include the debut of the Jostens Championship Ring Merchandise Collection, which will be available for purchase throughout the concourses and online at immediately following the Ring Ceremony.
All teams do this with championship rings, but I’m guessing every swaggy Bro in attendance will be purchasing one of these before tonight’s stirring ceremony. Remember, this is your night too, Bro.

The first comment on reddit regarding this evening’s festivities felt very fitting for the occasion:

“God just reading that got me jacked up. I want a holographic Ray Allen to follow me around and be my friend.”

If a Ray Allen hologram shows up, nails a three from the corner and runs into the stands with LeBron and Wade holograms, we can all call ourselves champions.