Miami Dolphins Writers and Fans in Shambles After Ravens Slightly Run Up Score

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins, 56-19, on Sunday. The Ravens broke an unwritten rule by throwing for a touchdown pass well after the game was decided and the sportswriters of Miami are not happy. Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post seemed beside himself in an article titled "John Harbaugh allows ruthless, unnecessary, distasteful touchdown pass at end of 56-19 win."

Without clicking, you're probably wondering if there was something that made this play even more distasteful. Yes, there is, and it has nothing to do with John Harbaugh's dance moves. Via the Palm Beach Post:

What could have made the unnecessary passing play even more distasteful is that Dolphins star Bradley Chubb had just been carted off the field with an apparently serious knee injury.

Yes, the entire situation was made worse by the fact that Bradley Chubb had suffered a season-ending injury minutes earlier while the Dolphins were still playing starters in a game that was already over. It's something that Dolphins' coach Mike McDaniel discussed after the game as he explained that against this team you complete the game to your expectations.

But that kind of hindsight by someone actually involved doesn't matter in the heat of the moment. Bally Sports Florida's Jacob Meshel called Harbaugh "classless" after Baltimore's final score.

There's there's the Verified Guy pretending to be Mike McDaniel on Twitter who shouted "CLASSY! F**K John Harbaugh."

Keep in mind that the Dolphins actually conducted the biggest blowout of the NFL season when they beat the Denver Broncos, 70-20, back in Week 3. Three touchdowns were scored by the Dolphins in the fourth quarter despite the fact that they entered the final frame up by 36 points. Ah, well, nevertheless!