Mia Khalifa Has a New Weekly Sports Column

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Gameday. #HTTR

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Mia Khalifa, the former adult film actress who is an avowed fan of Washington sports and Florida State football and has made a habit of blowing up athletes for even innocuous DM sliding attempts, has a new weekly column on Fansided. The site describes her as “unparagoned.”

Her first column includes a point on the Colin Kaepernick backlash cycle, two thumbs up for the NFL’s Twitter streaming debut, fan gripes about the Skins and Florida State, and a request to join the Heisman committee.

This is not hating, because the content has commercial value on the basis of her social media followership and general recognizance — though it would undeniably have far more if it were a video instead of print — but we were wondering about the market rate for this literature. If anyone knows what Time Inc. is paying for this column, please drop me a line.