Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur on Twitch Stream

Toronto Raptors v Miami Heat
Toronto Raptors v Miami Heat / Pool/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was caught using an anti-Semitic slur while playing Call of Duty on his Twitch stream. The clip is below, but be warned, the language is offensive:

That clip exploded on Twitter as the sports world reacted to the slur. Sometime after that, Leonard took a phone call and quickly got off his stream. The assumption here is someone phoned to let him know what was happening:

Yeah, someone clearly told him he was trending for the wrong reasons and he quickly got the hell out of there. Leonard made news in the NBA's Orlando bubble for being one of the few players to stand for the national anthem. He explained his decision here.

Leonard re-signed with the Heat in November on a two-year, $20 million deal, but underwent shoulder surgery on February and will miss the rest of the season. I guess the 29-year-old is getting in a lot of gaming in while recovering. Given what just happened, there might be a whole lot more downtime in his future.