Mexican Football Club Twitter Account References Nazis While Defending Game-Changing Offsides Call

FC Juarez v Atlas - Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX
FC Juarez v Atlas - Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX / Jam Media/GettyImages

On Sunday night, the Mexican football club Atlas FC faced off against New York City FC during group stages of the Leagues Cup, an annual competition between MLS and Liga MX. The tournament began over the weekend and the group stages will run until next week. Then comes the elimination rounds and the last team standing will receive a nice trophy and an automatic qualification for the Round of 16 in the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Atlas defeated NYFC, 1-0, to kick off their bid to win the whole thing.

The victory did not come without controversy, though. NYC scored an equalizer on a free kick in the 87th minute, but the goal was called off after VAR found an NYCFC player was offsides.

As is often the case with those calls in high-leverage situations, many people were unhappy with it. Like NYCFC's manager, for example.

Things apparently got so bad that the Atlas FC official Twitter account (X account?) felt the need to defend it online. However, the method they chose to do so was.... um... interesting. In the below tweet you'll see that they compare the discourse around the call to Goebbels and the disinformation campaign of the Hitler regime, even going so far as to quote Goebbels.

And a screenshot for when this inevitably gets deleted:

The longer you think about this comparison the worse it gets. Just insane. It is simply not that serious, folks.

If you thought you'd make it through your Monday without a Hitler mention, you thought wrong.