Mets Fans Are Begging Theo Epstein to Save Them

Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference
Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference / David Banks/Getty Images

The New York Mets can't get out of their own way. The franchise was hit with yet another embarrassing scandal on Wednesday, as reports surfaced that general manager Zack Scott was arrested for DUI. After this latest debacle, Mets fans want Theo Epstein brought in to run baseball operations and clean the franchise up. Which is pretty funny for a number of reasons.

Scott is the second general manager to embarrass the franchise in a few months. Back in January, it was revealed new general manager Jared Porter had repeatedly sexually harassed a female reporter in 2016. That harassment included sexually explicit texts and unsolicited photos of his penis. Porter was fired and replaced by Scott, who has now found himself in the headlines.

It's also worth mentioning that former Mets manager Mickey Callaway was accused of repeated sexual harassment that spanned five years and three teams. Much of that came during his two years with the Mets in 2018 and 2019. Callaway was fired following the 2019 season and the allegations came to light in February of 2021.

The ironic part about Mets fans demanding Epstein be hired to clean things up, is that both Porter and Scott are Epstein disciples. Porter worked under Epstein with the Boston Red Sox, then spent two years under him with the Chicago Cubs as director of professional scouting. It was during his time with the Cubs -- under Epstein's watch -- that Porter was actively sexually harassing women.

Scott spent 17 years with the Red Sox before being named assistant general manager under Porter in 2020. He was hired during Epstein's tenure and spent most of his time in Boston working under him. Now he got a DUI after spending time at Mets owner Steve Cohen's house.

I should also point out that during his time with the Cubs Epstein was willing to trade for Aroldis Chapman in 2016 despite a suspension for domestic violence earlier that season, and he refused to release Addison Russell after he was suspended for domestic violence as well.

My point here is that Epstein may not be the guy to come in and "clean up" the Mets' clearly sloppy workplace. There's no doubt he's a brilliant executive and his work rebuilding the Red Sox and Cubs into World Series champions will land him in the Hall of Fame. But he's employed several shady characters and has made seriously questionable personnel decisions.

While Epstein might lead the Mets on a winning path, he might not be the right guy to clean up the organization's awful reputation.