Mets Broadcast Crew Enthralled by Spaceship Launch During Spring Training

SpaceX /

Fans who attended last night's spring training contest between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals got something extra for the price of admission in the form of a spaceship launch. The latest SpaceX ship took off during the bottom of the eighth inning in Port St. Lucie with the Mets down 7-3. The fiery path of the ship was very visible from the field and SNY's high-quality cameras managed to capture a few awesome clips.

It was an enthralling few minutes for the Mets' broadcasting crew, who were not afraid to express their utter awe at the scene unfolding before them.

Yeah, that's pretty sick. The backdrops of baseball games always feel better suited to a majestic scene than other sports but this is unique even through that lens. And it is right to be nearly as awed by the fact technology we have for an exhibition sports game is good enough to record a spaceship thousands of miles in the air. That last shot in particular looked like a freaking painting. And that's before even thinking about the various atmospheric factors that lead to that visual effect. Space is wild, man.

One might think such beauty would inspire the athletes on the field. If so, one is unfamiliar with the New York Mets. The surprise appearance of SpaceX did not motivate them at all as they ended up losing without even mustering a single run in the final few innings. Perhaps they'll find extra inspiration in the wake of the launch.