Mets Send Out Letter Asking Fans to Pledge Loyalty as "True New Yorkers"


On the field, the 2014 New York Mets haven’t been the assumed laughingstock many predicted. Without injured ace Matt Harvey the Mets are off to a positive 15-11 start. As hard as this may sound for beleaguered Mets’ fans who’ve endured five straight losing seasons, it there might be reason for optimism. Keep in mind the Mets also have plenty of highly-touted pitchers stockpiled in their farm system.

Meanwhile, Mets’ management remains completely tone deaf and decided to send out this letter to fans, asking them to show that they’re “True New Yorkers” by pledging their loyalty to the team. The Mets roped in some of their all-time greats like Cleon Jones, Jerry Koosman, Keith Hernandez and Doc Gooden to sign the letter.  Ultimately the letter is basically a contest to win tickets to the Subways Series against the Yankees.

Given that it’s the Mets, it’s difficult not to either laugh or cringe at lines like this:

"So today we’re issuing a call to all Mets fans: Show your New York Mets pride — stand up and say you’re a true New Yorker. As players, we can tell you that what happens in the clubhouse and what happens in the stands — players and fans together, believing in each other — makes a tremendous difference with what happens on the field. Your support matters; we wouldn’t have won without you. So we’re calling on you to give today’s club the same chance we had. If you agree that the fans have a role to play in making amazing things happen, add your name to this letter:"

Maybe the heart was in the right place for this letter, but the execution comes off as something else entirely. If the Mets are serious about winning back fans there’s a lot less mock-worthy way to do it: winning ball games. Also, if the Mets don’t want to be a punchline anymore, stop giving the public so much material.

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