Metallica Needs Their Own Dedicated Sirius XM Radio Channel

Metallica In Concert.
Metallica In Concert. / Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Metallica is arguably the greatest American band in history. Together for 40 years (in 2021), they've put out 10 studio albums, multiple live albums and even messed around and recorded a double-album of covers. Their catalog is long and distinguished. They helped define and then transcend metal music. They influenced multiple generations of musicians. They've played with everyone from Lady Gaga to the San Francisco Orchestra and they need their own dedicated Sirius XM station.

Do it Sirius. Give Metallica their own station again you cowards.

For those of you who don't have Sirius, yes, again. Just last month Metallica took over the Liquid Metal station for Metallica Mondays, as they previously did when Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct came out four years ago. This should be permanent. You can keep Liquid Metal, but Metallica needs a dedicated channel.

The Beatles, Elvis, Pearl Jam, Phish, The Grateful Dead and Tom Petty (among others) all have their own channels. Dave Matthews has one sometimes. Other artists are in charge of stations. You're going to try and tell me Metallica doesn't deserve one?

Growing up, the local rock station would have "mandatory Metallica." That station has changed hands five times between then and now and they still do mandatory Metallica. I'm sure every rock station in the world has something similar. Probably using the same name.

In the 1994 film P.C.U., a character named Pigman is working on a senior thesis that proves that no matter what time it is a Gene Hackman or Michael Caine movie is on television. That movie, which was released between Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge and Load, also features the line, "Play Metallica and they will come." I submit that the same is true of Metallica on terrestrial radio. And right now, Sirius XM cannot say that. That is a wrong that must be righted.